Learn Croatian in Split

Understand when and how to use Croatian cases

Do you have trouble with Croatian cases just like my students?

Do you always have to stop and thing before you say ‘Ja sam iz…(I’m from…)’?

Are you asking yourself what ending to use here ‘Idem u Hrvatsku or Hrvatske or Hrvatskoj’?

I prepared a self-paced course that will help you finally understand when and how to use every case, but also you will learn how to use it by making your own sentences!

This course doesn’t provide you only with exercises. It includes also a practical part where you’re practicing your own sentences. I want to help you really understand when and how to use Croatian cases.

Who is this course for?

If you already speak Croatian or you are just starting to learn the language, this course is for you. It’s for everybody who has never studied these endings in a structured way. If you need help understanding when and how to use every case, then this is the right course for you!

What does the course include?

This course covers genitiv, akuzativ, dativ, lokativ and instrumental.

Every module includes:

  • videos with simple explanations and most frequent situation in which every case is used (subs in English and translation)
  • exercises + answers (I’m guiding you slowly by building the challenge from singular form to plural form)
  • my own examples (to help you understand the situations in which to use every case)
  • prompts and vocabulary to help you make your own sentences!

+ access to our group chat when you have questions and feel stuck

How can I buy the course?

That’s simple! Just click on the button below and join the group of other students who are learning Croatian cases. You can buy the course now with a 10% discount by clicking on the button below.

“This is the best Croatian school. Irena is so patient and incorporates the new information in unique ways that makes learning this difficult language much easier. I live in Croatia and people have noticed an improvement in my language skills since studying with her.”

Joe, USA

“Irena’s class is wonderful! She is always open to questions and goes at a good pace to follow during lessons. There is a good mix of in class practice and homework. I can’t wait for the next class!”

Terri, USA

“Irena is such a nice and friendly person and amazing teacher!
Her online lessons are very good balanced in improving your communication and training your grammar. Every week Irena chooses new topics and after the lesson she collects all the materials for you together, so you can repeat all the new things at home. It’s such a fun improving my Croatian with her and the group!”

Franziska, Germany

“If you are looking to learn Croatian or brush up on your Croenglish Irena is the perfect teacher! I’m so glad I found her when I moved to Croatia because my language was rusty and grammar definitely was not up to par to be able to speak confidently. She is so warm and kind and a pleasure to speak with! She teaches the most useful phrases and helps you learn the complex Croatian grammar. Highly recommend!”

Vanessa, Canada

“I feel like this lessons are waking up sleeping areas in my brain. Remembering words I used to know, makes me nostalgic and thankful. The structure of the lessons are entertaining and Irena’s feedback is always helpful and appreciative. I am so glad, that I found you on Insta, Irena! Hvala puno!”

Silvia, Austria

“I am having the pleasure of studying with Irena in a group situation. The group is well matched to ability level and I am learning so much and appreciate the structure of the lessons and kindness and encouragement of Irena. She is a wonderful teacher!!!

Marica, USA
“I love the organization and planning that is going into your classes. I appreciate the follow up with the correct answers. I love doing the homework because it reinforces what we are doing. Getting the “prelesson” assignment” the day before makes me excited about what we will learn.”
Bill, USA